Overview of Reviewing Potential Matches

You can review potential matches of Reltio profiles.

Reltio Platform uses match rules to find out if two records are identical. Match Rules at Reltio determine if two profiles are a potential match.

Potential Match Review

Reltio platform lets you manage potential matches from the Profile view. For more information, see Potential Matches Perspective.

Create Workflow

You can create a workflow for multiple records at the same time and enable users to review potential matches and remediate them.

You can filter the search results using the potential matches or the match rules facet. From the search screen you can initiate a workflow.

The various actors and triggers are as follows:
  • Actors: Reviewer, Workflow Engine, Workflow Adapter, Hub, and Reltio API.
  • Trigger: You can start a workflow to review potential matches with a search criteria to retrieve entities.
Note: Reltio recommends that you should not start more than 100 processes at the same time.

User Flow

The user flow explains the steps that are carried out, when a potential match is retrieved and the process is triggered.

  1. Workflow Adapter retrieves a list of entities corresponding to the search criteria.
  2. For each of the entities, the corresponding potential matches are retrieved.
  3. Workflow Engine creates pair-wise review tasks for all entities excluding duplicates. The workflow engine assigns these tasks to users with relevant roles, following least-used assignment policy. For more information, see Business Process Definition Overview.
  4. In the Inbox or in the HUB, the reviewer or the task assignee views the task. The task details provide information about the entities and the corresponding potential match. There are two options: Merge and Not a Match.

    For more information, see Adding a User Profile to Possible Assignees List.

    1. If the reviewer clicks on Merge, the entity and its potential match are merged with the oldest entity as the winner entity.

      For more information, see Potential Matches Perspective.

      The task is marked as complete.
    2. If the reviewer clicks on Not a Match, the two entities are marked as not matches. The task is marked as complete.

    See the Potential Match Review Workflow image which explains the data flow for Merge and Not a Match option.

    For more information, see Business Process Definition Overview.

    As an outcome of review, a potential match can be confirmed which results in a Merge operation. If the potential match is or not confirmed, it results in a Not a Match operation. Based on configurable rules, Reltio Cloud also enables automatic matching and merging.

    For more information, see Match Rule Configuration - Step by Step.

Business Process Definition

To define a new business process, you can create the business process in Workflow Modeler and then save the process. The process definitions are available, for example, at Default Process Definitions.

For more, information, see User Flow for Potential Match Review.
Table 1. Process Definition Details
Element Element Type Details
Review Match User Task The element defines the task assigned to a user to review potential matches.
Gateway Decision Gateway The element defines the exclusive gateway with sequence flows:
  • ${decision=='Merge'}
  • ${decision=='NotAMatch'}
Merge Service Task The element defines the merge operation.

Class: com.reltio.workflow.activiti.service.Merge

NotAMatch Service Task The element defines the operation which is not a Match operation.

Class: com.reltio.workflow.activiti.service.NotAMatch