About Reltio Inbox

The Reltio Inbox enables Workflow users to efficiently view, manage, and work on the business tasks assigned to them and their teams.

Viewing Workflow Tasks

You may want to access Inbox from your mobile devices, such as Smartphones or Tablets. The mobile experience is optimized for smaller form factors with support for gestures.
  • Inbox: Lists tasks and displays information such as, name of the creator, status of the task, created date, and the due date. The task icon indicates the process the task belongs to. More than one process can be represented in the list, and the processes can be varied with regard to things like approving an expense report, matching tasks, and so on.
  • Team: Lists tasks assigned to the user's team members. Team members can perform any task, reassign any task, or simply view any task.
  • Sent: Lists tasks that you sent for approval.
  • All: Lists all open tasks. Users with ROLE_WORKFLOW role privilege and READ permission can see all tasks assigned to all users.
For more information, see Accessing Reltio Inbox.