Filter Tasks in All Folder

Learn how to view and filter Open and Closed Workflow tasks.

You can filter Open and Closed workflow tasks in the All tab in the Inbox. You can view tasks based on the filters defined.
Note: Somethings to consider while viewing tasks:
  • You cannot reassign, edit, comment, and perform actions on a closed task.
  • Tasks are displayed based on your access rights.
Note: Retaining a large number of old, closed tasks can impact Inbox performance. You can accept the default Time To Live (TTL) period for retaining resolved and invalid tasks, or configure the time period to suit your needs. For more information, see topic Working With Tasks
The Step Action taken field reflects appropriate actions against each workflow task based on the Step selected.

To filter tasks in the All folder:

  1. In the All folder, click the Filter icon. All the available filters are displayed. At the top of the page, the Filters section expands to display all available filters.

  2. Label for the Status filter is dynamic and depends on Step filter selected.

    When Step is selected, the label dynamically changes to Step action taken. For example:

    When the step is not selected, the Status label is available. The status is selected as Open.

    Note: By default, the Open value is selected in the Status field.

    The open tasks will be displayed.
    Note: The counters show numbers for default conditions and it is applicable for Open and Unassigned tasks only.

  3. Select a task on which you want to apply the filter.

  4. Select the status as Closed.

    The task with Closed status will be displayed with the action taken as Approve, or Reject along with the date and time of when the action was taken.