Reviewing Recommend Delete

Recommend for Delete is a process for reviewing intended deletions of Reltio profiles.

Recommend for Delete Review

The Recommend for Delete Review workflow enables you to review the profile before deleting them. The profile must be deleted with specific access rights. The work is then routed to your manager or a person in the organization with required access rights, who can then accept the deletion and remove the profile.
The various actors and triggers are as follows:
  • Actors: Reviewer, Workflow Engine, Workflow Adapter, Hub, and Reltio API.
  • Trigger: User starts a workflow (with comments) to review an entity for deletion.

For more information, see Overview of Workflow.

User Flow

The user flow explains the steps that are carried out, when a Recommend Delete Review process is initiated and the process is triggered.

  1. Workflow Engine creates a review task with the corresponding entity. The engine will assign the task to you among the other users with relevant roles using least-used assignment policy.
  2. In the Hub, the assignee of the task or the reviewer views the task. The two available options visible in the Hub are Delete and Ignore. As an outcome of the review process, deletion can be confirmed. This results in a Delete operation or can be ignored.
    • If the Reviewer clicks Delete (with comments), the entity is deleted using the Reltio API.
    • Whereas, if the Reviewer clicks Ignore (with comments), the task is marked as complete.

See the Recommend for Delete Review image which explains the data flow for the Delete and Ignore options.

Business Process Definition

To define a new business process, you can create the business process in Workflow Modeler and then save the process. The process definitions are available, for example, at Default Process Definitions.

For more, information, see User Flow for Recommend Delete Review.
Table 1. Process Definition Details
Element Element Type Details
Review Entity to Delete User Task The element defines the general task assigned to a user to review profile deletion.
Gateway Decision Gateway The element defines the exclusive decision gateway with sequence flows:
  • ${decision=='Delete'}
  • ${decision=='Cancel'}
Delete Service Task The element defines the specific delete operation.

Class: com.reltio.workflow.activiti.service.Delete