Debugging a custom JAR file

Learn how to debug a custom JAR file.

After the above mentioned steps are done, the Workflow Adapter starts working. You can debug your custom workflow. While deploying a custom JAR locally, do the following steps:
  1. Under the custom.jar location parameter, place the custom JAR file into a folder specified in For example, C:/Reltio/jars.
  2. Register your tenant in Workflow locally by the following SQL on custom_workflow database. See the following example:
    insert into TENANT_REGISTRATION (ENVIRONMENT_URL, TENANT_ID) values('','9oUYCzp0nocucJS');
  3. Using the JAR Deployment API, deploy the custom JAR file to the Workflow Adapter.
    The following API explains how to deploy a local workflow:


    POST https://localhost:{portNumber}/workflow-


    {"module": "workflow-custom-2021.2.0.3.jar",
    "name": "CustomWorkflow",
    "description": "Dev Workflow"}

    For more information, see Deploy the process from the modeler to Reltio tenants.

    1. Enter the module field as the name of the custom JAR file.

      The Workflow Adapter knows the path to the custom JAR files from the custom.jar.location parameter of

  4. Deploy the process definition using the API as your local Workflow Adapter may not have any process definitions.