Reviewing Data Changes

You can review the data change request and the corresponding approval process.

Data Change Request Review

In the Data Change Request Review process, the various actors and triggers are as follows:
  • Actors: Reviewer, Workflow Engine, Workflow Adapter, Hub, and Reltio API.
  • Trigger: A user starts a workflow to review a data change request, from Suggesting mode on profile page.

For more information, see Overview of Workflow.

User Flow

The user flow explains the steps that are carried out, when a data change request is initiated and the process is triggered.

  1. Workflow Engine creates a review task with the corresponding entity. The engine assigns the task based on the least-used assignment policy.
  2. Reviewer or the task assignee views the task in the Hub. There are two options such as Approve and Reject.
    1. If the Reviewer clicks Approve (with comments): The change request is accepted ignoring conflicts (if any) using the Reltio API. The task is marked as Complete.
    2. If the Reviewer clicks Reject (with comments): The change request is rejected using the Reltio API. The task is marked as Complete.

See the Data Change Request Review image which explains the data flow for Approve and Request option.

As a result of review process, a DCR can be approved. This results in an Apply DCR operation or rejected that results in a Reject DCR operation.

Business Process Definition

To define a new business process, you can create the business process in Workflow Modeler and then save the process. The process definitions are available, for example, at Default Process Definitions.

For more, information, see User Flow for DCR.
Table 1. Process Definition Details
Element Element Type Details
DCR Review User Task The element defines the general task assigned to you to review the DCR.
Gateway Decision Gateway The element defines the exclusive gateway with sequence flows:
  • ${decision=='Approve'}
  • ${decision=='Reject'}
Approve Service Task The element is used to apply the DCR operation.

Class: com.reltio.workflow.activiti.service.ChangeRequestApply

Reject Service Task The element is used to reject the DCR operation.

Class: com.reltio.workflow.activiti.service.ChangeRequestReject