User Management

You can manage the role definitions and user access privileges to Reltio platform.

The User Management application enables you to perform the following tasks for your organization:

  • Create new User Accounts. For more information, see Creating a New User Account.
  • Activate/deactivate existing user accounts. For more information, see Working with Existing User Accounts.
  • Create and Manage roles - Including both types of roles: Global/System roles (roles defined in Reltio Platform) and Customer roles (roles defined by the customers). For more information, see Managing Role Definitions.
  • Assign roles to User Accounts/Groups and associate one or more tenants to the roles
  • Manage user Groups and assign the same set of privileges to multiple users. For more information, see Managing Groups.

You can grant combinations of roles and tenants to individual user accounts or user groups in your organization. While working with multiple user accounts and role definitions, you can create groups and specify appropriate roles and assign tenants to the groups. Later, you can assign these groups to various user accounts who may need the same access.

To understand the key terms used in the User Management application, see Terminology.