Managing User Accounts

Create new accounts and manage existing accounts.

You can use the Users page to manage the access permissions of existing users, modify the roles and groups assigned to a user, activate/deactivate users, as well as, create new user accounts.

If your account is not associated with any users, you will see the following screen prompting you to create new users.

The Users page shows the number of existing Active and Inactive users. For the existing users, the Users page lists the existing user account details such as Email, User name, SSO, Last signed in, Status, Roles and Groups columns. The SSO column displays Y when the user account is a Single Sign On. The Roles and Groups columns display the number of roles and groups associated with the user account.

As seen above, the SSO and non-SSO user accounts appear in different colors.

You can search for an existing user account by using the Search icon provided on the right corner. If your search for an existing user does not find any matching results, a message is displayed. At the end of the page, you can specify the number of rows that should be displayed while listing the existing users by using the Rows per page drop-down. You can select 25/50/100 rows per page. Use the left and right arrows to go to the previous and next pages.