Creating a new Role

You can control the access within your organization through roles that provide only the required privileges.

You can create Roles by specifying the privileges you want to grant for the particular Services or Resources.

  1. Click the icon on the Roles page. The Create new role page appears.

  2. Enter an appropriate Role name.
    Note: Ensure that the role name doesn’t contain any leading and/or trailing blank spaces. An error message is displayed if the role name contains leading or trailing spaces.
  3. Select the Services/Resources and their corresponding privileges for the role.

All the available Services and Resources are listed. You can select the desired combinations of the services/resources and privileges that you want to assign to the role. You can use the Search icon to find the required services or resources for which the privileges must be assigned. In the example given below, Data related services/resources are searched upon. You can navigate through the search results, if needed.

Select the appropriate access privileges for the Services/Resources required for the role.

The set of privileges that are available for selection are displayed with a Check mark.

You can either select the privileges individually by clicking over the available privileges (those with a Check mark) or select the corresponding check box to select all the related privileges. After you have selected the privileges you want to set for the Service/Resource, the page looks like the one below.

Click SAVE to complete the role creation process. The new role is listed on the Roles page.
Note: System roles have restricted privileges associated with them. On duplicating the system roles, new customer-specific roles are created excluding these privileges. To get these privileges for the new roles, contact Customer Support.