Selecting a Tenant

You must select the tenant for which you want to model the user interface.

If you have come from the Console home page and selected your tenant there, its ID and environment are shown in the UI Modeler header. If that is the tenant you wish to work with, you can skip this step. If not, you need to select it here.

If you didn't select a tenant earlier, the Select a Tenant message appears. Click this message to display the Select a Tenant dialog box. A list of tenants appears.

Note: If you want, you can navigate to a tenant by clicking its name. If you hover the mouse over the ID, a Go to tenant tooltip appears, making the ID a link. Click on the TenantID to go to that tenant. This gives you the ability to check on the current state of the Profile page before making any modifications, The tenant will open in a separate tab or window, depending on how your browser is configured.

Within the Tenant Selector, select the tenant you wish to open by clicking on it.

The UI Modeler appears, showing the Profile page design and specifications in its current state.