UI Modeler Properties Configuration

You can set the properties of facets.

You can set the properties of facets in both the pre-populated and dragged facets. To set a property, click the facet. The third column displays the properties of the selected facet.

The following illustration shows the Relationships facet highlighted and its properties are displayed in the Properties panel.

The UI for a property changes depending on its type,

  • Boolean: Toggle setting to change its value.
  • Numeric: Enter the number by typing.
  • String: Enter a string value.
  • Multivalued: The UI displays a button labelled ADD. To set a multivalued property, click ADD and choose among the possible values.

    When you make your selections, the Properties list displays your choices.

    You can remove an unwanted choice form the Properties list using each value's "delete" control.

  • Nested (One to Many) : The UI displays a drop-down list that lets you choose from the "Many" file. Here is an example.

    Note: The drop-down has a scroll bar. You may need to scroll down to find the field you wish to use.
    If you have dragged a View to a blank space in the modeler, the new View has its own properties.