UI Modeler Editing Area

You can work in the editing area of UI Modeler.

The UI Modeler contains the following sections:
  • List of profile entity type pages
  • Canvas editor
  • Widget library
Note: Currently, the UI modeler does not support three columns and reversed types of layout.

Choosing the Profile to be Configured

Click on a page to view it on the canvas. If your page was not created by using UI Modeler, a conversion process will take place. Here are the details.

com.reltio.plugins.entity.default.json files are ignored by UI Modeler. 

It uses built-in default configurations instead.

Otherwise, UI Modeler converts old facets to new ones in the following way:

Adding a widget to the canvas

The Libraries pane lists possible widgets you can add to the canvas. Simply drag and drop a widget to an empty space in the canvas. You can define the properties for a specific widget under the Properties pane.

Rearrange the widgets on your canvas by dragging a widget to another spot.

To delete a widget from your canvas, click the trash can icon located on the top right corner of the widget.