Single Attribute View Facet Settings

You can use the UI Modeler application to set preferences for the Single Attribute View facet.

The Single Attribute View facet settings allow you to add a Caption and specify other details for the facet.

You can choose to expand the facet by using the Expand control and specify the maximum number of entities/profiles that can be shown in the single attribute view facet in the Max shown field.

The Empty text field can be used to specify a text message that is displayed in the Single Attribute View facet if this view does not have any data to display.

Select the Attribute Name from the list of attributes. For example, 'Address'.

Note: If an entity type has analytical attributes, those attributes are also listed in the Attribute Name list.

You can turn on the Show inactive values menu option to display the Show Inactive values option in the Settings menu of the single attribute facet.


You can configure maps on your dashboard to view details about your organization.

Similar to the other facets, you must specify the Title, Entity Type, and Attributes for which you want to view details in the map. You must also specify the following details that are specific to maps:

  • Map Type - The type of map you want to use, which can be World Map, USA, or Custom.
  • Geo URL - The link to the Topojson file. This field is displayed only if you select the Custom Map Type. This is a mandatory field. If you enter a wrong URL, you are prompted to enter the correct address
  • Projection - The type of map projection. For example, geoMercator.
  • Geo ID - The property or key from the Topojson file that must be mapped to the location. For example, if the properties in the JSON are {“name”:“United States”, “code”:“US”} and your data is in the form of code (i.e. CA, US etc.), then your Geo ID is code.