Data Model and Mapping

340B Data Tenant uses an extension of the HCO entity from the Life Sciences Customer 360 Application.

To know more about this, see Life Sciences Customer 360. The table below lists the HCO attributes and how they are mapped to the 340B data file downloaded from the HRSA website.

Table 1. HCO Attributes Mapped to the 340B Data File
Reltio Attribute Attribute Type Sub-Attribute Name Data Type HRSA 340B Attribute Description
Name Simple   String Entity Name  
Identifiers#1 Nested Type String value=340B Identifier Type
Identifiers#1 Nested ID String 340B ID Identifier ID
Identifiers#1 Nested ActivationDate String Participating Start Date Activation Date
Identifiers#1 Nested DeactivationReasonCode String Termination Code Deactivation Reason Code
Identifiers#1 Nested DeactivationDate String Term Date Deactivation Date
Identifiers#2 Nested Type String value="Grant Number" Identifier Type
Identifiers#2 Nested ID String Grant Number Identifier ID
Identifiers#3 Nested Type String Site Identifier Type
Identifiers#3 Nested ID String Site ID Identifier ID
Identifiers#4 Nested Type String value="Medicare Provider Number" Identifier Type
Identifiers#4 Nested ID String Medicare Provider Number Identifier ID
Identifiers#5 Nested Type String value="Covered Entity" Identifier Type
Identifiers#5 Nested ID String CE ID Identifier ID
Identifiers#6 Nested Type String value="Medicaid Number" Identifier Type
Identifiers#6 Nested ID String Medicaid Number Identifier ID
Identifiers#7 Nested Type String value="NPI" Identifier Type
Identifiers#7 Nested ID String NPI Identifier ID
Identifiers#8 Nested Type String value="Contract" Identifier Type
Identifiers#8 Nested ID String Contract Identifier Identifier ID
Addresses#1 Nested AddressType String value="Main" Main Address Type
Addresses#1 Nested AddressLine1 String Address 1 Main Address Line 1
Addresses#1 Nested AddressLine2 String Address 2 Main Address Line 2
Addresses#1 Nested City String City City
Addresses#1 Nested StateProvince String State State Province
Addresses#1 Nested Zip5 String Zip Zip
Addresses#1 Nested Zip4 String SecondZip Second Zip
Addresses#2 Nested AddressType String value="Billing" Billing Address Type
Addresses#2 Nested Organization String Billing Organization Billing Organization
Addresses#2 Nested AddressLine1 String Billing Address 1 Billing Address Line 1
Addresses#2 Nested AddressLine2 String Billing Address 2 Billing Address Line 2
Addresses#2 Nested City String Billing City Billing City
Addresses#2 Nested StateProvince String Billing State Billing State Province
Addresses#2 Nested Zip5 String Billing Zip Billing Zip
Addresses#2 Nested Zip4 String Billing Second Zip Billing Second Zip
Addresses#3 Nested AddressType String value="Shipping" Shipping Address Type
Addresses#3 Nested Organization String Shipping Organization Shipping Organization
Addresses#3 Nested AddressLine1 String Shipping Address 1 Shipping Address Line 1
Addresses#3 Nested AddressLine2 String Shipping Address 2 Shipping Address Line 2
Addresses#3 Nested City String Shipping City Shipping City
Addresses#3 Nested StateProvince String Shipping State Shipping State Province
Addresses#3 Nested Zip5 String Shipping Zip Shipping Zip
Addresses#3 Nested Zip4 String Shipping Second Zip Shipping Second Zip
340b Nested EntitySubDivisionName String Entity Sub-Division Name Entity Sub-Division Name
340b Nested ProgramCode String Program Code Program Code
340b Nested Participating String Participating Participating
340b Nested EntryComments String Entry Comments Entry Comments
340b Nested NatureOfSupport String Nature Of Support Nature of Support
340b Nested AuthorizingOfficialName String Authorizing Official Name Authorizing Official's Name
340b Nested AuthorizingOfficialTitle String Authorizing Official Title Authorizing Official's Title
340b Nested AuthorizingOfficialTel String Authorizing Official Tel Authorizing Official’s Telephone Number
340b Nested AuthorizingOfficialTelExt String Authorizing Official Tel Ext Authorizing Official’s Telephone Extension
340b Nested ContactName String Contact Name Contact's Name
340b Nested ContactTitle String Contact Title Contact's Title
340b Nested ContactTelephone String Contact Telephone Contact's Telephone Number
340b Nested ContactTelephoneExt String Contact Telephone Ext Contact's Telephone Extension
340b Nested SignedByName String Signed By Name  
340b Nested SignedByTitle String Signed By Title  
340b Nested SignedByTelephone String Signed By Telephone  
340b Nested SignedByTelephoneExt String Signed By Telephone Ext  
340b Nested SignedByDate String Signed By Date  
340b Nested CertifiedDecertifiedDate String Certified/Decertified Date  
340b Nested Rural String Rural  
340b Nested 340BID String 340B ID 340B ID
340b Nested EditDate String Edit Date Edit Date
340b Nested ParticipatingStartDate String Participating Start Date Participating Start Date
340b Nested TerminationDate String Term Date Termination Date
340b Nested TerminationCode String Termination Code Termination Code