Edit an external queue configuration

Learn how to edit an external queue configuration in Tenant Management.

External queue configurations send message events and payloads from Reltio to external message queue services for further processing. You'll get the most out of this topic if you first read the topics External queues overview and Add an external queue configuration.
Do you need to change the data you stream between Reltio and external systems for your changing business and integration needs? Or perhaps you need to fix an issue the consuming system identified? If so, edit an existing external queue configuration.

To edit an external queue configuration in Tenant Management:

  1. Open the External queues page:
    1. In the Reltio Console, select Tenant Management.
    2. On the left navigation pane in the Manage section, select External queues.
  2. On the External queues - destination configuration page, hover your mouse cursor over the desired queue and in the displayed Action menu, select Edit.

  3. In the displayed Edit Configuration page, edit the desired fields appropriate for your cloud provider and then select Save:
    • Service Provider: Select a message streaming service:
      • Amazon SNS/SQS
      • Google Pub/Sub
      • Microsoft Azure
    • Authentication method: Specify a method:
      • Authenticate using roleAWS
      • Queue nameGCP
      • TypeAzure
    • Connection details: Specify details:
      • Use ARNAWS
      • Upload Service Account Key File or enter project detailsGCP
      • Queue detailsAzure
    • Format: Specify the streaming message format:
      • JSON
      • JSON_XIP_BASE64
    • Object filter: Specify an optional Relation object filter expression for a message event object to be sent to this external queue.
    • Type filter: Specify any Relation event type collections that you want to stream using this external queue:
      • CRUD events
      • Match events
    • Payload type: Specify the payload type for messages to be streamed to this queue:
      • Snapshot (All fields)
      • Snapshot (Selected fields)
      • Delta
    • Enable streaming: Select or clear this checkbox to enable or disable streaming.

    The Tenant Management application updates the configuration, and closes the Edit configuration page.
  4. In the External queues - destination configuration page, view the edited queue in the list.