Reindex unresolved RDM lookups

Learn how you can run the reindex job for entities after the mapping has been resolved in the RDM tenant.

Reindexing prevents the display of resolved entities in searches for entities with RDM transcode errors. Use the Console in the Hub.

To add a new job in Tenant Management:

  1. From the Applications menu, select Console application. For more information, see topic Console.

  2. From the Tenant Management section, select the Tenant Management application.
  3. At the top of the page, from the Select tenant drop-down menu, select the tenant you want to work with. For more information, see topic Selecting a tenant.
  4. On the left navigation bar, select Jobs.
  5. Select Create New Job.

    The Create new job page displays all the jobs that you can run.

  6. Select Reindex Unresolved RDM lookups.

  7. Specify values for the job parameters based on your requirement.

    You can see the job parameters as follows:

    By default, the All Entities option is selected.


    You can reindex only selected entities. You can select a specific entity or list of entities using their URIs.

  8. Select Run Job.
    For more information about the underlying APIs, see topic Resolve Mapping Errors API.

    When the job is under processing, you can see the job under the PENDING tab.

  9. To view the details of a completed job, select the job in the COMPLETED tab.

  10. Select the completed job. Now, you can view the details.

    After the reindex job is completed, you can see the correct set or list of entities when you search for the entities with RDM transcode errors.