Limiting Display of Parameter Values

Limit the display of job parameter values.

When you select a job, the right side panel displays details about the job. Some of the parameters of the job can contain a long list of values. If the list of values is more than five, then the Download full list link is visible allowing users to download the full list of parameter values into a text file as shown below:

The naming convention of the file is: task-< task-id>-<parameter-id>.txt

An example name of the downloaded file is - task-04c9bf8f-8c16-498d-9095-2e64536ca560-uriList.txt

The downloaded text file provides users the flexibility to view the long list of values in a more user-friendly format or use it for in file search in Hub – Advanced Search panel as follows:

To view all entities in the file, under Entity ID, the user must select the in file option as shown above, load the file, and click Search. For more information, see Advanced Searching by Entity ID.