Creating a Refresh RDM Data Job

You run the Refresh RDM Data job after changes are made in your RDM tenant. The job enables you to transcodes the updated canonical values for the entities in the tenant selected.

Note: By default, the job is disabled.

To run the Refresh RDM Data job, do the following steps:

  1. In Console, click on the Tenant Management application.
  2. Click CREATE NEW JOB.

    The Create new job image displays all the jobs that the user can run as shown below:

  3. Click on Refresh RDM Data job.

    To run the job you need to have the following permissions:

    Table 1. Privileges
    Resource MDM.Tasks.SyncLookups
    Privilege EXECUTE

    The job parameters appear as follows:

  4. Select Entity type. This restricts consistency check to entities of a specific type.
    Examples of specific Entity types are Professional Organization, Enterprise Location and so on.
  5. Specify all the values for the job parameters based on your requirement.
  6. Click RUN JOB.