Creating a Consistency Check Job

This job resolves inconsistencies between primary and secondary storages.

This job performs background comparison of primary and secondary storages to find inconsistencies. If any entities are found in the primary storage that are not present in the secondary storage, this job will try to re-index such entities. If any entities are missing from the primary storage but present in the secondary storage, this job will remove such entities from the secondary storage.

To run the Consistency Check job, perform the following steps:

  1. In Console, click on the Tenant Management application.
  2. Click NEW JOB.

    The Create new job screen displays all the jobs that the user can run as shown below:

  3. Click on Consistency check job.

    The job parameters appear as follows:

    Note: If the Compare Versions and Fix Version Conflicts parameters are not enabled, then this job checks/fixes only those cases where objects are available in one of the storages. The job does not fix those cases where objects with different content are available in both the storages. These parameters are very useful during investigations.
  4. Specify values for the job parameters based on your requirement.
  5. Click RUN JOB.