Cleaning the Match Queue

If there are issues related to matching, you can clean the match queue.

If you clean the match queue, all the matching events part of the queue will not be processed. This can result in matching inconsistencies, such as under-matches, incorrect matches (in case of match rules changes), and so on. Therefore, clean the match queue only if there is an issue in the match rules configuration, match rules implementation, or product code. After you clean the queue, you might be required to run the rebuild match tables task.
Note: You must have EXECUTE privilege for the env.queues.clean resource under the Console Service. See: Permissions for the Console Service
  1. In the Tenant Management application, click Queues on the left navigation bar.
  2. Click on more options on the top right as highlighted in the following image:

  3. Click Clean match queue as shown below:

    All messages in the Match queue are deleted.

    Note: You cannot undo the cleaning of the queue.