Creating an Analyze Match Rules Job

This job analyzes the match rules in your tenant and provides information about the number of token phrases generated for each match rule.

  1. In Console, click on the Tenant Management application.
  2. Click NEW JOB.

    The Create new job screen displays all the jobs that you can run as shown below.

  3. Click on Analyze match rules job.

    The job parameters appear as follows:

    You can select multiple entity types as shown in the following image:

    Note: Entity types for which match rules are not configured, do not appear as part of the list.
  4. Specify values for the job parameters based on your requirement.
  5. Click RUN JOB.
    A notification appears indicating that an email will be sent once the job is completed.
  6. When the job is under the Pending tab, you can pause or stop the job by clicking the respective button as shown below.

  7. Click on the job under the Completed tab to view job details as follows: