Entity Type Statistics

The Master Data Management (MDM) entity statistics section shows the count and potential matches for each entity type.

The exact number of the count and potential matches appears when the user hovers the mouse on a specific count as shown below:

The Tenant Management application includes the following statistics at the entity type level:

  • Count of simple attributes
  • Count of nested attributes
  • Count of relationships
  • Count of reference data attributes

The following image shows these statistics for the HCP entity type:

Note: When you click on the MDM Entity Statistics heading, you are redirected to the Data Modeler.

The info icon next to the Entity type title provides a description about consolidated and reference profiles as shown below:

The entity types in the list are sorted first by CP/RP flag and then in the descending order by count. The attribute type count provides a graphical representation in the form of a bar graph and the color depends on whether the entity type is a consolidated profile or reference profile as shown below:

The bar graph is proportional to the attribute count across all entity types. The higher the attribute count, the longer the bar. In the above image, the attribute count for Simple attributes is 77 and therefore, the bar is longer compared to the other attribute counts.