Snowflake Terminology

Learn about the important terminology associated with the Reltio Connected Data for Snowflake.

Following are the meanings of particular terminology within this document:

Table 1. Snowflake Terminology
Term Definition
Pipeline A Pipeline is a configuration that defines a list of entities, relations, and interactions to extract from the Reltio platform and the Snowflake database where the data gets hosted.
Schedule A Schedule defines when to perform the action on a recurring basis (for example, weekly on Wednesday night).
Job Batch Jobs are responsible for delivering data to Snowflake. A batch job can be triggered on demand or using a schedule.
Task Jobs consist of one or more tasks required to finish the work. Examples of tasks include extract/export task that is responsible for extracting data from the source, and ingest/import task that is responsible for importing data into the destination.
Relational Views A Custom View defined upon customer data that follows the relational database model.
Custom Views A Custom View is a database view that you create on top of the JSON format to solve a business need. This may involve flattening nested columns or applying filters.