Reltio Connected Data for Snowflake

Learn about protecting your data through encryption.


The Reltio Connected Data for Snowflake delivers your connected customer 360 data residing in the Reltio platform seamlessly into your Snowflake data warehouse. The rich Reltio data model is automatically converted to flat relational views, allowing you to use standard Business Insights tools of your choice to extract insights from the data. For users who need more flexibility, we also have the data in JSON format allowing them to build their own custom views. The connector is easy to set up and operate, thus allowing you to stay focused on delivering business value to the organization and customers.

Reltio Connected Data for Snowflake is an add-on subscription. Once the subscription is activated, you can set up the data flow pipeline in a self-service manner. You define a data pipeline specifying the source from where the Reltio profiles’ data is to be extracted and the destination Snowflake database where the destination tables are to be created to host the data. You then trigger a job to deliver data on-demand or periodically by schedule to Snowflake.

Key Features

Following are the key features of the Reltio Connected Data for Snowflake:

  • Create Pipeline and Schedule Definitions - The feature enables customers to create pipeline and data delivery definition to extract unified, trusted data and deliver it to Snowflake.
  • Deliver Reltio Data to Snowflake - The Reltio platform manages the process, performed as scheduled or on demand.
  • Onboard Using Self-Service - After self-service onboarding, create and update pipeline definitions and trigger jobs through APIs.
  • Monitor Jobs - Monitor the status of jobs while they are running including the number of objects sent to Snowflake.
  • Deliver Data - Data is delivered to Snowflake in its original JSON form or via relational views, which can be used by business users with their preferred data analytics and reporting tools.
  • Ensure Secure Pipeline - The connector complies with Snowflake best practices and uses Snowflake’s channel and storage encryption.


The Reltio Connected Data for Snowflake delivers the following business benefits:

  • Rely on Trusted Data for Reporting and Insight - Reltio Connected Data for Snowflake delivers clean, merged, and validated profile data to Snowflake.You always have accurate dimensional data to fuel analytics and decision support.
  • Onboard Quickly and Easily - Self-service onboarding helps you automatically convert your Reltio data model into Snowflake tables, keeping them always in sync Easy to configure transfer of data into Snowflake on demand or as scheduled.
  • Reduce Costs and TCOR - The feature reduces development and operational costs by eliminating the need for data exporting and custom programming to move data to Snowflake. Reltio provides the code and operational staff to ensure smooth operation.
  • Focus on your business - With the time saved, your organization can focus on delivering business value and actionable insightsReltio manages the pipeline to move data to Snowflake and update it on an automated basis.

Capability Matrix

The following table provides a summarized capability matrix for Batch:

Table 1. Capability Matrix
Category Description Batch
Self-service onboarding Is self-service onboarding available for customers? Yes (through API)
Incremental batch Is the support for incremental batch available? Yes
Schedule a batch job Can a user define a run schedule for a batch job? Yes
Batch data pipeline Does the connector support batch pipeline mode? Yes
Streaming data pipeline Does the connector support streaming pipeline mode? N/A
Event replay Can events be replayed from a certain point in time? N/A
Payload compression Can the data be compressed? No
Encryption Channel and data encryption (supported natively by Snowflake) Yes
Data lineage Can data lineage be established from source to target? Yes (using the Airflow stats available through API)
Email notification Can we send an email notification when a batch job is complete? Yes
Logging and monitoring Can the dataload pipeline health be monitored? Yes (through API and SignalFx)
Entities Can we extract entities from Reltio and import them into Snowflake? Yes
Relations Can we extract relations from Reltio and import them into Snowflake? Yes
Interactions Can we extract interactions from Reltio and import them into Snowflake? Yes
Snowflake table override Can Snowflake tables be overridden? Yes
Relational views Do relational views allow business analysts to write queries without the need to understand JSON format? Yes
Usage and cost tracking Can we track resource usage and cost at the tenant level? No
Customer schemas Can we export the Connected Customer schemas into Snowflake which is used as data model metadata for easy understanding by business users? No
Subscription Can we send an email notification before the subscription lapses? No
Subscription notification Can we automatically verify customer on-boarding against the current subscriptions (Reltio 360)? No