Advanced Use Case

The following is an advanced use case for the Unmerge operation.

The following describes a pipeline, with a broader business logic involving multiple ETL transformations, that shows how typically in an enterprise environment, the Reltio functionality is used. The pipeline download is available in the Downloads section.

This pipeline retrieves the data from the Oracle Database and loads into the Reltio instance.

The key ETL transformations:

Extract: The Oracle Select Snap retrieves the data from Oracle database.

Transform: The Head and the Mapper Snaps maps the specific data to be moved into the Reltio instance.

Load: The Reltio Create Snap creates the entities from the documents received from the upstream.

The pipeline further uses the Reltio Merge, Unmerge and the Delete Snaps to perform the respective functions while transforming (the JSON Splitter, Mapper and the Head Snaps) the data to serve the various business purposes.