Reltio Snaps

The Reltio Snap pack is a set of pre-built connectors that work in the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud.

For existing Snaplogic customers, Snaps in the Reltio instance will be deprecated after March 14, 2020. To continue using Snaps, you must have a separate license from Snaplogic. To export existing Snaps from Reltio Snaplogic instance, contact Reltio Customer Support. Go to Reltio Account Configuration for information on how to create an account that Snaplogic will use to create an access token, and how to configure encryption for the Snaplogic pipeline.

Go to the Snaplogic Getting Started page to learn how to build Snaplogic pipelines using Reltio Snaps.

Follow the links below for instructions on using these Reltio Snaps.
Table 1. Reltio Snaps
Operations Description
Reltio Create Create and Write data to the Reltio objects (Entities/ Relations/ Interactions/ Categories) in a Reltio instance.
Reltio Read (Crosswalk) Read the Reltio Entities from a specified Tenant.
Reltio Read (Object) Read any type of Reltio objects (Entities, Interactions, Categories, Relations) from a specified Tenant.
Reltio Update Add\remove roles\tags to\from Entities, or run Bulk Update operations on the specified Tenant.
Reltio Delete (By Object) Delete Reltio objects (Entities/ Relations/ Categories) from the mentioned Tenant.
Reltio Delete (By URI) Delete the Reltio Objects (Entities/ Relations/ Categories) from the mentioned Tenant based on the URI.
Reltio Merge Merge the Reltio Objects (Entities or Categories) data for a given Winner and Loser entity or for category IDs as mentioned on the Tenant, and provide a potential match between the two entities.
Reltio Unmerge Un-merge the merged Reltio Objects (only Entities) on the mentioned Tenant. Based on the Snap's configuration it is also possible to unmerge composite Entities.
Reltio Bulk Export Export Reltio Objects (Entities/ Relations) from a Reltio Tenant to S3 storage.

You use Reltio Snap connectors in a pipeline that visually specifies the flow of data from start to finish. After you have created a project and at least one account, an empty pipeline is created when you switch to the Designer tab. You only need to build it using connectors.

Each Reltio Snap uses Reltio REST APIs to perform these operations.