Account Encryption

Use the Enhanced Account Encryption to configure your Snaplogic account to work with Reltio Snaps.

See the Enhanced Account Encryption section of the Snaplogic documentation for information about configuring Snaplogic.

Follow these guidelines to configure the encryption profile of your Snaplogic account:

Table 1. Account Encryption
Field Name Description
Standard Encryption If you are using Standard Encryption, follow the High sensitivity settings under Enhanced Encryption.
Enhanced Encryption

If your account uses the Enhanced Account Encryption feature, the following describes which fields are encrypted for each sensitivity level selected per each account:

  • High: Password
  • Medium + High: Password
  • Low + Medium + High: Password, S3 Access-key ID, S3 Secret key

You are now ready to start using Reltio Snap integration tools. You use Reltio Snap connectors in a pipeline that visually specifies the flow of data from start to finish. After you have created a project and at least one account, an empty pipeline is created when you switch to the Designer tab. You only need to build it using connectors.

Note: Do not change account credentials while pipelines using them are in progress. This may lead to unexpected results, including locking the account.

Things to remember before validating the Account:

  • The values on the Account settings cannot be validated using the pipeline parameters. However, the pipeline can be executed successfully.
  • S3 parameters are not used for validation. The Required* fields mentioned in Account are sufficient for the validation.
  • S3 properties are used for Reltio Bulk Export Snap only.