Enable Reltio Shield Encryption for a tenant

Learn more about the Shield Encryption in the Console.

Now that you have the Safeguard Your Data with Shield and Get started with Reltio Shield under your belt, you’re ready to generate your own key and encrypt your data.

To enable Shield for a tenant:

  1. Go to the Shield Encryption page. For more information, see topic Get started with Reltio Shield.

  2. From the Reltio main menu, select the tenant for which you want to enable Shield encryption. By default, this shows the current tenant you’re logged into. You can change it, if required.
  3. In Reltio Shield Status, make sure that the status is Disabled.
  4. At the bottom of the page, select DOWNLOAD RELTIO SHIELD to download the encryption files. The reltio-ondemand-dynamo-db-shield.zip file is downloaded.
  5. In your file explorer, locate the downloaded zip file and extract its files.

Now you’re ready to run the script files to create the encryption key as explained in the topic Encrypt your tenant with Reltio Shield.