Get started with Reltio Shield

Learn how to create and manage your own encryption keys with Reltio Shield.

You can obtain Reltio Shield as an add-on subscription to your Reltio Connected Data Platform Subscription. Reltio Shield is supported on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Shield uses transparent file data encryption using Customer-Managed Key (CMK) to protect your data. For more information, see topic Safeguard Your Data with Shield.

By default, Reltio creates and manages the encryption key for your tenant. If you prefer, you can create and manage these keys yourself using the Reltio Shield.

To access Reltio Shield:

  1. In the Reltio Console, under the Tenant Management section, select Shield Encryption. You’ll see the Shield Encryption page.

You use these key sections of the Shield Encryption page to enable Reltio Shield.

Table 1. Sections in the Shield Encryption page
Section Description
Reltio main menu: The menu at the top of the page that identifies the current tenant and enables you to search and navigate to other areas of the Reltio Connected Data Platform. The roles and responsibilities assigned to your account determine what applications and data that you can access. For more information on selecting other Reltio applications, see topic About the App Selector Menu. From the Select tenant dropdown menu, select the tenant for which you want to enable Shield encryption. Select the arrow to change tenants.
Reltio Shield Status: The current status of the encryption for the selected tenant:
  • Shield enabled - Reltio Shield is already enabled for the tenant. Nothing else for you to do here!
  • Disabled - Reltio manages the encryption key for the tenant.
  • Check permission and check subscription - You may not have the required permission to access this feature, your primary storage isn’t DynamoDB, or you may not have Reltio Shield as part of your subscription package. You must be a customer administrator to be able to access this application. To be more precise, you must be assigned the ROLE_ADMIN_SHIELD role. If you aren’t sure about your subscription package, contact your Customer Success Manager.
DOWNLOAD RELTIO SHIELD: A button to download the script files that you need to install Reltio Shield.