Getting Started with Shield

Define and decide your policies and procedures before getting started with Shield.

Getting Started with Shield

Enabling Shield is simple with no impact to current users. The process is summarized below.

Note: Shield is an add-on subscription service. To obtain a quote, please contact your Customer Success representative.

Once you decide to purchase Shield, define the security policies you wish to put in place. This includes decisions regarding usage of scheduled key rotations (for example, once every six months) and the users who will be given Shield administrator rights to encryption functionality. This plan should be reviewed to ensure it is aligned with your organization’s compliance obligations.

You should also define and test standard operating procedures for activities such as key rotations. Generally, these activities are not performed frequently and therefore, it is strongly recommended to document your process. This is very helpful during a security incident, when you wish to initiate a key rotation at a short notice with confidence.

After a subscription is purchased, Reltio will ensure the tenants in which your data resides has the necessary encryption infrastructure in place. Once ready, you can enable encryption of data for your tenant using a key you generate through Shield.

If you have any further questions regarding Shield please contact your Customer Success representative.