Tenant Administrator Role Across all Services

Multiple services make up the ROLE_ADMIN_TENANT system role.

Consolidated Permissions Matrix for ROLE_ADMIN_TENANT Role

The tenant administrator's role is associated with a tenant and provides access to all the tenant data.

In the Permissions Framework, this system role provides access to multiple resources, sub-resources, and permissions across multiple services and these details would translate to the following information:

Table 1. ROLE_ADMIN_TENANT - Details
Service.Resource.Sub-resource ID Label Allowed Privileges Purpose
auth - resources     For more information related to Authorization service, see ROLE_ADMIN_TENANT in Auth Service.
collaboration.comments Collaboration Service - Comments CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE Comments Management
collaboration.status Collaboration Service - Status READ/UPDATE Service monitoring and parameters management
dvf.functionsManagement DVF API - Functions Management CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE Administration of all data validation functions that are used to validate the entity attributes
export.data Export Service - Data Export EXECUTE Extract all data from tenant
export.config Export Configuration READ/UPDATE Get the export configuration
export.tasks Export Service - Tasks READ/UPDATE/EXECUTE APIs related to export tasks
lca.monitoring Life Cycle Actions - Monitoring READ Monitor the health of LCA service
lca.config Life Cycle Actions - Action Config CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE Administration of LCA registrations/deregistrations
mdm.config MDM Service - Tenant Configurations CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE All the tenant level configurations
mdm.data MDM Service - Data CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE/EXECUTE Tenant level data management APIs
mdm.monitoring MDM Service - Monitoring READ APIs for monitoring the tenant
mdm.preference MDM Service - User Preference CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE User Preference related APIs
mdm.tasks MDM Service - Tenant Tasks READ/UPDATE/DELETE/EXECUTE All the tenant level tasks APIs
rdm.data Reference Data Management - Data CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE/EXECUTE APIs to manage and access the RDM data
rdm.config RDM Configuration CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE The complete RDM configuration for managing lookup type and generators
rdm.task Reference Data Management - Tasks CREATE/READ/DELETE Task Management APIs
recommender.management Recommendation Service - Management CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE Recommendation service management
riq.config.permission Reltio Insights - Analytics Configuration - Permissions READ Recommendation service management
sfdc.config.register SFDC - Register a tenant for synchronization CREATE/DELETE Enable or disable synchronization for a tenant profile
sfdc.config.setup SFDC - Setup tenant configuration and mapping CREATE/READ/DELETE Setup tenant configuration and mapping
serviceAdmin.dataloader Service Admin - Admin for Dataloader Service CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE/EXECUTE Admin for Dataloader Service
serviceAdmin.exportAdmin Service Admin - Admin for Export Service READ Admin for Export Service
validate.data Validation Service - Data validation EXECUTE Ability to run validation on data type