Customer Administrator Role Across all Services

Multiple services make up the ROLE_ADMIN_CUSTOMER system role.

Consolidated Permissions Matrix for ROLE_ADMIN_CUSTOMER Role

The customer administrator role is associated with a customer.

A user with this role can:

  • add/remove any tenant from the list of the customer tenants for users who belong to the same customer
  • create/update/delete users who belong to the same customer
  • create/update/delete customer administrators
  • view the details of all the users who belong to the same customer
  • access all the tenants which belong to the same customer
Note: The Customer Administrators are automatically provided the tenant administrator roles for all the tenants that belong to the customer.

In the Permissions Framework, this system role provides access to multiple resources, sub-resources, and permissions across multiple services and these details would translate to the following information:

Table 1. ROLE_ADMIN_CUSTOMER - Details
Service.Resource.Sub-resource ID Label Allowed Privileges Purpose
auth - resources     For more information related to Authorization service, see ROLE_ADMIN_CUSTOMER in Auth Service.
console.uimodeler UI Modeler application READ/UPDATE Read and update UI Modeler details in Console Recommendation Service - Management CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE Recommendation service management of search facets