Permissions for the Analytics Server Service

The service handles the core part of Reltio analtytics and insights.

Table 1. Reltio Analytics Server Service - Permissions
Resource ID Sub-Resource ID Label Description Privileges
config   Analytics Configuration The complete analytics configuration like aws keys, business model, lambda/queue configurations CREATE, READ,UPDATE,DELETE (CRUD)
config Business Model The configuration related to only business model, lambda/queue configurations but not critical aws configurations  
config config.permission Permissions Tenant Permission related APIs  
artifacts   Artifacts Managment Manage the artifacts  
actions   Actions/Jobs APIs to manage and execute system actions, jobs  
  actions.system System Actions APIs to run system actions Jobs APIs to create custom actions through jobs  
  actions.users Users APIs to manage users  
Monitoring   Monitoring All monitoring related APIs like cost, storage and queues READ


Cost Cost monitoring APIs Storage Storage monitoring APIs  
  monitoring.queues Queues Queue monitoring APIs