Permissions for the RDM Service

This service handles the Reference Data Management (RDM) related operations.

Table 1. Reltio RDM Service - Permissions
Resource ID Sub-Resource ID Label Description Privileges
config   RDM Configuration The complete RDM configuration for managing lookup type and generators CREATE, READ,UPDATE,DELETE (CRUD)
config config.lookups Lookup Type Ability to access all the tenants in Internal environment  
config config.lookups.dependency Dependency Config Manage the dependencies configuration  
config config.generators Generators Generator configuration APIs  
data   RDM Data APIs to manage and access the RDM data  
data data.lookups Lookups APIs to manage the lookups CREATE, READ,UPDATE,DELETE
data data.lookups.transcode Transcode APIs to do the transcoding of lookups EXECUTE
data data.lookups.unmapped Unmapped APIs to manage the unmapped lookup values  
data data.generator Generate value API to generate a new value EXECUTE
tasks   Tasks Task Management APIs CREATE, READ,DELETE (CRD)