RDM Service Details

You can use this service to manage the Reference Data Management (RDM) related operations.

The following image shows the available resources and sub-resources within the RDM Service in the User Management application in Console:

In the Permissions Framework, these same resources, sub-resources and permissions would translate to the following information:

Table 1. Reltio RDM Services - Permissions
Resource.Sub-resource ID Label Description Possible Privileges
data Data APIs to manage and access the rdm data CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE/EXECUTE
data.lookups Lookups APIs to manage the lookups CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
data.lookups.transcode Trans Code APIs to do the trans coding of lookups EXECUTE
data.lookups.unmapped Unmapped APIs to manage the unmapped lookup values CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
data.generator Generate value API to generate a new value EXECUTE
data.changeRequests Change Requests APIs to manage all change requests CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE/EXECUTE
data Personal Change Requests APIs to manage the personal change requests CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
config RDM Configuration The complete RDM configuration for managing lookup type and generators CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
config.lookups Lookup Type Ability to access all the tenants in Internal environment CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
config.lookups.dependency Dependency Config Manage the Dependencies Configuration CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
config.generators Generators Generator configuration APIs CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
tasks Tasks Task management APIs CREATE/READ/DELETE