Reltio Permissions Framework

We have identified several Services, Resources, Sub-resources, and their respective Privileges in Reltio systems.

Reltio Services

Each Service contains specific Resources and Sub-resources. The privileges can be assigned at a granular level, allowing you to take complete control of the access you provide to your users.

The following Reltio Services are further broken down into Resources and Sub-resources:

  • Auth Service
  • MDM Service
  • DTSS Service
  • Export Service
  • RIQ Service
  • RDM Service
  • LCA Service
  • Validation Service
  • Collaboration Service
  • Console Service
  • Workflow Service
  • UI Service
  • DQ API Service
  • Salesforce Connector Service
  • Dataloader Service
  • Service Admin Service
Table 1. Description of the Resources
Resources Purpose
Config To configure and set up this feature. Usually, configurators will have access to this. Example: Implementors
Data To perform Create/Read/Update or Delete actions on the service data.
Tasks To access tasks from the service.
Monitoring To have logging and monitoring access.

Permission Framework Details

Table 2. Reltio Permissions Framework Details
Service Name Comments Link to Resource/Subresource and Privileges Details
Authorization Service Authorization Service related privileges

Auth Services Permissions

Auth Services API Mapping

MDM Service Modern Data Management Service related privileges

MDM Services Configuration Permissions

MDM Services Configuration API Mapping

MDM Services Data Permissions

MDM Services Data API Mapping

MDM Services Preferences Permissions

MDM Services Preferences API Mapping

MDM Services Tasks Permissions

MDM Services Tasks API Mapping

MDM Services Monitoring Permissions

MDM Services Monitoring API Mapping

MDM Services Environment Permissions

MDM Services UI Permissions

DTS Service Data Tenant Subscription Service related privileges

Data Tenant Subscription Service Permissions

Data Tenant Subscription Service API Mapping

Export Service Export Service related privileges

Export Service Permissions

Export Services API Mapping

Reltio IQ Reltio IQ related privileges

Reltio IQ Services Permissions

Reltio IQ Services API Mapping

RDM Reference Data Management related privileges

Reference Data Management Permissions

Reference Data Management API Mapping

LCA Service Life Cycle Actions Service related privileges

Life Cycle Actions Service Permissions

Life Cycle Actions Services API Mapping

Validation Service Validation Service related privileges

Validation Services Permissions

Validation Services API Mapping

Collaboration Service Collaboration Service related privileges

Collaboration Services Permissions

Collaboration Services API Mapping

Console Service Console Service related privileges

Console Services Permissions

Console Services API Mapping

Workflow Service Workflow Service related privileges

Workflow Services Permissions

Workflow Services API Mapping

DQ Service Data Quality Service related privileges

DQ Services Permissions

DQ Services API Mapping

Salesforce Connector Service Salesforce Connector Service related privileges Salesforce Connector Services Permissions
Dataloader Service Dataloader Service related privileges Dataloader Services Permissions
Service Admin Service Service Admin Service related privileges Service Admin Services Permissions