Permissions for MDM (Tasks) Services

The service to manage the MDM tasks.

Table 1. Reltio MDM Services - Tasks Permissions
Resource ID Sub-Resource ID Label Description Privileges
tasks   Tenant tasks All the Tenant level task APIs READ/UPDATE/DELETE/EXECUTE
tasks tasks.periodic Periodic Tasks Managing the Periodic tasks APIs CREATE/READ/UPDATE
tasks tasks.consistency Consistency Check All the consistency check related APIs EXECUTE
tasks tasks.match Matching Matching related APIs EXECUTE
tasks tasks.reindex Reindexing All different Re-indexing related APIs EXECUTE
tasks tasks.gdpr GDPR Compliance GDPR compliance helper task APIs EXECUTE
tasks tasks.dtss DTSS DTSS related tasks EXECUTE
tasks tasks.bulk Bulk Operations All the bulk operations related to update/deletion of data UPDATE/DELETE/EXECUTE
tasks tasks.syncLookups Lookup Sync Operations Operations related to sync state of lookups in primary storage (C*) and RDM EXECUTE
tasks tasks.history History Tasks related to managing History EXECUTE