Permissions for MDM (Environment) Services

The service to manage the configuration, data and all the activities on the tenant

Table 1. Reltio MDM Services - Environment Permissions
S.No. Resource ID Sub-Resource ID Label Description Privileges
1 environment   Reltio Environment All the Environment level APIs Create/Read/Update/Delete
2 environment Vertical Business Config Manage environment vertical business configuration  
3 environment environment.config.physical Tenants Configuration Create, manage tenants in the environment  
4 environment environment.config.deployment Deployment Configuration APIs for getting deployment configuration  
5 environment environment.tasks Environment Tasks All the different environment level tasks Read/Update/Execute
6 environment environment.tasks.periodic Periodic Tasks Periodic Tasks Management Read/Update
7 environment environment.tasks.consistency Consistency Check Consistency check related APIs Execute
8 environment environment.tasks.reindex Reindexing All different reindexing APIs Execute
9 environment environment.tasks.match Matching Matching related APIs Execute
10 environment environment.tasks.counter Counter Platform counters API Execute
11 environment environment.tasks.gdpr GDPR Compliance GDPR compliance helper task APIs Execute
12 environment Elastic Search Elastic Search proxy management APIs Execute
13 environment environment.monitoring Monitoring APIs for monitoring the environment Read
14 environment environment.monitoring.status Status Status monitoring APIs for environment  
15 environment environment.monitoring.log Log Logs from the server  
16 environment environment.monitoring.metrics Metrics Metrics, Statistics APIs  
17 environment environment.monitoring.credits Credits Monitoring/managing credits of tenants