Permissions for MDM (Configuration) Services

The service to manage the configuration, data and all the activities on the tenant.

Table 1. Reltio MDM Services - Config Permissions
Resource ID Sub-Resource ID Label Description Privileges
config   Tenant Configurations All the tenant level configurations CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
config config.businessModel Business Model Tenant Business Model Configuration including rating, activity, ruleset configurations  
config config.businessModel.survivorship Survivorship Rule Manage the survivorship rules of entity and relation types CREATE/UPDATE
config config.businessModel.source Source Publish Date Manage the Source Publish Date READ/UPDATE
config config.businessModel.warn Warnings Ignore warnings of any configuration problem UPDATE
config config.businessModel.ruleset RuleSet Manage RuleSet Config READ/UPDATE
config config.businessModel.activity Activity Manage Activity Config READ/UPDATE
config config.businessModel.rating Rating Manage Rating Config READ/UPDATE
config config.permissions Data/Metadata Permissions Tenant Metadata security permissions management APIs  
config config.endpoint Endpoint Access Tenant endpoint access management APIs  
config config.lookups Lookups Tenant Lookup Management APIs  
config config.physical Physical Tenant Physical Configuration APIs  
config config.resources Resource Bundle Resource Bundle Management APIs  
config config.preference User Preferences Manage User Preferences like Saved Search