Permissions for DTS Services

The service to manage the configuration, data movement, and tasks.

Table 1. Reltio DTS Services - Permissions
Resource ID Sub-Resource ID Label Description Privileges
config   Configuration All DTSS related configuration CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE
config config.registration Tenant Registration Configuration related to register tenants  
config config.registration.dataTenant Data Tenant Register Data Tenant  
config config.registration.customerTenant Customer Tenant Register Customer Tenant  
config config.subscription Tenant Subscription Configuration related to subscribe tenants CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE
config config.subscription.contracts Contracts Managing Contracts  
config Metadata Security DT metadata security related configuration READ, UPDATE
config config.subscription.sync Sync config Synchronization config related to the subscriptions READ, UPDATE
config Events Config Configure the events needs to be processed for the subscription READ, UPDATE
config config.subscription.mapping Transformation Mapping API to configure the transformation Mapping of attributes from DT to CT READ, UPDATE
config config.subscription.view Attribute Format API to configure the DT data attribute slice as bringGoldenRecord or bringInternalSources READ, UPDATE
config config.subscription.import Import APIs to configure the format of data getting imported into CT from DT READ, UPDATE
config config.subscription.import.relations Relations Configuration for import connections functionality  
config config.subscription.import.contributors Group Contributors API to configure group all crosswalks to one contributor in customer tenant  
config config.subscription.log Full Import Log API to configure Full Import Logs READ, UPDATE
config Support API to configure the support email READ, UPDATE
data   DT Data DT data related access READ, UPDATE,EXECUTE
data data.entities Entities All DT entity data access related APIs  
data data.entities.profile Profile Data All entity related profile data access READ, UPDATE
data data.entities.match Matching DT Entity Matching data READ, EXECUTE
data data.entities.merge Merge DT Entity Merge access READ, EXECUTE
data data.entities.unmerge Unmerge DT Entity UnMerge Access READ, EXECUTE
data data.relations Relations DT relations data access related APIs READ, UPDATE
tasks   DTSS Tasks DTSS task management APIs READ, UPDATE, DELETE, EXECUTE
tasks tasks.manual Manual Tasks Manage manual tasks  
tasks tasks.periodic Periodic Tasks Manage periodic tasks  
Monitoring   Monitoring Monitoring different actions happened through DTSS