Permissions for the Collaboration Service

This service manages creating, reading, editing, and replying to comments.

Table 1. Reltio Collaboration Service - Permissions
Resource ID HTTP MEthod Endpoint Description Privileges
comments     Comments management CREATE, READ,UPDATE,DELETE (CRUD)
  POST /comments Add a new comment to an object CREATE
  DELETE /comments/{commentId} Delete a comment DELETE
  GET /comments/count Retrieve comments count for an object READ
  GET /comments/{commentId} Retrieve particular comment READ
  GET /comments Retrieve comments list from the service using filter attributes READ
  PATCH /comments/{commentId} Update part of content for some comment UPDATE
  PUT /comments/{commentId}

Update content for some comment

  POST /comments/{commentId}/replies Add a new reply for some comment CREATE
  DELETE /comments/{commentId}/replies/{replyId}

Delete a reply for some comment

  GET /comments/{commentId}/replies/{replyId} Get a reply by id READ
  GET /comments/{commentId}/replies

List all of the replies to a comment

  PUT /comments/{commentId}/replies/{replyId} Update a reply for some comment UPDATE
  POST /comments/count Get bulk comments count CREATE
  POST /comments/load

Get bulk comments

status     Email service monitoring and parameters management RU READ, UPDATE
  GET /email/status Get email service status READ
  POST /email/intervals Set email sending parameters UPDATE
  GET /version Get service version READ
  GET /version/server

Get service server status