Authorization Service Details

You can manage users, roles and tenants of the Reltio platform using this service.

The following image shows the available resources and sub-resources within the Authorization Service in the User Management application in Console:

In the Permissions Framework, these same resources, sub-resources and permissions would translate to the following information:

Table 1. Reltio Authorization Services - Permissions
Resource.Sub-resource ID Label Description Possible Privileges
globalRoles Reltio Roles All the Global/System Roles Management READ
globalRoles.userRoles Reltio User Roles APIs to manage the Global Roles READ
globalRoles.permissions Reltio User Role Permissions Managing permissions of Global Roles READ
globalRoles.clientRoles Reltio Client Roles APIs to manage the permissions of Global Client Roles READ
reltioServices Reltio Services API to view the Reltio Services READ
monitoring Monitoring API to access Auth Audit log READ
customer Customer Managing the Customer users, roles and tenants CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
customer.shield Shield Auth API APIs to manage the Shield configuration of customers CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
customer.roles Customer Specific Roles APIs to manage the customer specific roles CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
customer.groups Customer Specific Groups APIs to manage the customer specific groups CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
customer.user Users All the user management related APIs CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
customer.user.tenants User Tenants APIs to manage the user tenants CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
customer.user.profile User Profile APIs to manage basic user profile information CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
customer.user.roles User Roles APIs to manage the user roles CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE
customer.user.groups User Groups To manage the user groups READ/UPDATE
customer.SSO Customer SSO APIs to manage the SSO configuration of customers CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE