Working with the Search Results

You can view the Search Results in different ways and take multiple actions on this page.

Working with Search Results

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After you have conducted your search, you will find the Search Results in the central region of the screen. You can toggle between two views - Table view and List view.

The Table view is a grid structure that is characterized by a set of rows and columns. In our example, the rows represent the returned profiles and the columns are their respective attributes. The Table view allows you to view multiple attributes in a grid structure. So, you can easily compare values across profiles. There are multiple ways to manage your table view such as, configuring what attribute columns you want to show or hide, reordering the columns, resizing the columns, and, sorting on attribute columns.

To configure what attribute columns you want to hide or show, simply click the Show/hide columns located to the right of the Search Results panel. In the menu, you are presented with a list of the available attributes you can display. You can search for the attribute inline, or, scroll through the list. Select the attributes that you want to show, and deselect the check boxes for the attributes that you want to hide.

Newly added attributes will be displayed to the right of the table. You can scroll left and right to view the columns. Alternatively, if you want to add or hide an attribute column, you may also do so on the table itself. This is particularly useful, if you want to insert a column at a location, or, hide a specific column contextually. For example, to add an attribute column to the right of a column, you can hover over the column name (table header) and click the overflow icon that contains contextual actions, one of which is to insert a column or hide this column.

To reorder columns, you can simply drag and drop the column to your desired location. In our example, we want to move the Scores column to the left, we can do so by dragging and dropping it at the desired location.

If you want to increase or decrease the width of the attribute column, you may do so by hovering-over the column divider, and drag the size of the column to the right to increase the width, or, to the left to decrease the column width. You can also sort columns on the Table view. Simply hover over the attribute column that you want to sort on and click the arrow to the left. You can sort in ascending or descending order.

You may also view your search results in a List structure. A List structure is a vertical list of the returned profiles. This view is good for efficient scanning of search results. The information displayed in the List view can be defined in your UI configuration, including the profile pictures.

The view type or format you specify for your search results will be retained by the UI. When you log in to Search UI the next time and select the particular entity type, data is displayed based on the specified preferences. This will save you a lot of time from having to format and organize your view everytime you are conducting a search.

Note: For Activity Log events, the search results are displayed in the original state, irrespective of your current set preferences. When you select a search event from the Activity Log, the columns displayed in the Search results are based on the selection at the time of the activity log event.

This is one of the many ways in which the Search UI helps you be more productive and efficient in your search experience.