Enhancements to the New Search

We have been enhancing the search experience to empower you to maximize the value from Search.

Enhanced Search Functionalities

The Search UI has been undergoing changes to make the query building process easier. Especially, the Advanced Search has been made more intuitive guided experience to build complex queries.

Any mistake in a complex query is very hard to debug. So, it is important to ensure that you are provided with some guardrails so you can build complex and flexible queries while receiving the required guidance from the system while creating these queries.

Some of the changes that you can expect to find in the latest release in our Search include:

  1. All actions, such as, Save, and, Saved and Recent Searches have been brought together to the right side to provide a uniform experience across the screens.
  2. We have changed the placement of the Saved and Recent Searches for easier accessibility. The Saved and Recent Searches option that was in the left panel of the screen has been moved to the right side.
  3. The Advanced Search button has been redesigned to enhance the look and feel of the button.
  4. All pop-up dialog boxes have been enhanced to apply the changes as per your selection in real time, without having to click the Done or Apply buttons. This enables you to make your selections faster and provides the same experience throughout. The pop-up dialog boxes close automatically on clicking outside the dialog box.
  5. When you create a new search, the Save search button becomes active and you can add your latest search to your saved searches.
  6. Enhancements to the Advanced Search option:

    • Added an entity type selector - In Advanced Search, selecting attributes displayed results from all entities (too many records). You can now choose the Entity type that you want to add attributes for and the search results displayed contain special attributes and the attributes that correspond to the selected entity type only. This enhancement ensures the appropriate display of the required information and faster selection.
    • Added the Build Search Query button that becomes active when you start with your advanced search and select the entity you want to search on.
    • Based on the selected Entity type, the Recommended attributes are available in Advanced Search. Earlier, you could only select these attributes in Quick Filters.
    • The size of the query builder has been adjusted to make it more readable in terms of displaying the information.
    • The Search query is also improvised upon to show meaningful text that allows you to look at the selections you make in the query builder differently.
    • Based on your entity type selections in the query builder, the search results are displayed in tabs in the lower section of the page.
    • Earlier, you could use the expand and collapse button on the right side for the query builder section. It has been improved to allow you to use it for expanding or collapsing the Search Results section instead. Manual resizing continues to work as earlier.
    • In the Date filter, you can now set On, Before, After, and Within options while defining a date criterion in your search queries. You can set a date range by using the Within option. In addition, you can use Not, Missing value, Exists, Count equals, Count not equal, Count less, Count less or equal, Count greater, Count greater or equal, Count in range, In file, and, Not in file options.
  7. Enhancements to the Saved and Recent Search option:
    • You can use Saved searches of other users if those are shared. However, if you modify another user’s saved search, you can only save it as a new search for yourself. You cannot make changes to a saved search that is not created by you.
    • Saved searches are sorted in the order of most recently modified searches.

Important Points

While exploring the Search View, remember the following important points:
  • The original/Classic view that you are used to is still the default view.
  • You can include the Search by Operational Value (OV) option in the new view. If you have this option in your Classic view already, it will be available in the New view too. Otherwise, please create a Support ticket to enable this functionality.