Overview of Bulk Updates

Reltio enables you to do bulk updates on your profiles, for one or more attributes.

You can do bulk updates on simple, nested, reference attributes, and tags. You can also delete profiles in bulk using Bulk Update.

For example, Data Stewards may want to do bulk update or clean data that has been loaded into the system. For example, they may want to change the city and/or postal code for a large number of profiles loaded into the system. They can achieve this by using Bulk Update.

You can use the Search capabilities to filter the profiles and do a Bulk Update.


In a single bulk update, you can:

  • Update multiple profiles, instead of doing it individually, which is time-consuming
  • Update multiple attributes for a profile
  • Manage tags associated with multiple entities
  • Delete multiple profiles at one go


To work with Bulk Update, your role must have the following permissions:

  • For Bulk Update - Executeprivilege on MDM.tasks.bulk resource in the MDM service.
  • For Bulk Delete - Delete privilege on MDM.tasks.bulk resource in the MDM service.
Note: For more information, see Creating a new Role.

Bulk Update Tasks

Table 1 enlists the various actions you can do using Bulk Update:
Table 1. Bulk Update Actions
Bulk Update action Description
Add new Adds a value for the selected simple attribute. For example, you can add a new value San Franscisco to the attribute City for the selected profiles.
Clear attribute Clears all values of simple attributes and nested attributes. For example, you want to remove the values specified for Region for the selected profiles. For nested attributes, you can also specify conditions based on which attribute values have to be cleared.
Replace all with Replaces all values of an attribute with one value. For example, you want to replace the project or department for employees.
Find and replace Finds and replaces specified values. For example, you have erroneously added the wrong City name for certain profiles. You can find profiles based on the wrong attribute value and replace the value with the correct city name.
Find and remove Locates and removes specified values
Repoint reference Changes the referenced entity for a reference attribute. For example, you want to change the address reference for an entity.

You can do bulk updates on simple attributes, nested attributes, and reference attributes. For each attribute type, the allowed actions may vary. Table 2 lists the actions available for each attribute type.

Table 2. Actions for each attribute type
Actions Simple attributes Nested attributes Reference attributes Tags
Add new Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clear attribute Yes Yes Yes Yes
Replace all Yes Yes Yes Yes
Find and Replace Yes NA NA Yes
Find and Remove Yes NA NA Yes
Repoint Reference NA NA Yes NA

Initiating a new Bulk Update Task

Reltio supports only one bulk update task for a user at any point of time. When you start a new Bulk Update job, when another Bulk Update job is already in progress, the following message is displayed.

Also, an email notification is sent to the registered Email ID.