Using Search Before Create (SBC)

With Search Before Create capabilities, you can search for records in the Reltio cloud including Reltio Data Tenants before an account or contact is created in Salesforce.

SBC is a three step search process embedded within your Salesforce organization to improve productivity and reduce duplicate record creation. It eliminates creation of duplicate records in your Salesforce through the use of multi-pillar search strategy:
  1. Initial search occurs against the existing Salesforce records
  2. Next step extends search to Reltio Connected Customer 360
  3. Final step extends search to associated Data Tenants (the third-party data sets that you are licensed to use and is connected to your Reltio tenant) via Reltio Elasticsearch API.
Search before create page contains two main sections:
  • Search section
  • Result section

Search Section

The search section of the SBC screen is generated dynamically based on the retrieved input mapping for the object and record type. This section also displays SBC settings that are in general for the package and are used only for SBC, but their values can be changed only within the page.

In order to do the search, at least one input field should be populated.

The Result Source indicates the source of the record. Changing the result source will change the result in the table The Result per page indicates the result that should be displayed on the page.

Result Section

In this section search results are displayed. The columns of the table depend on the configured output mappings for the object and record type combination.

Each record has an action associated with it. The action depends on the source of the result. If the Source of the record is a Reltio tenant (customer or data tenant), the record can be previewed and imported. If the source is Salesforce, you can use the preview action to look at the existing record.

You can also create a new record, by clicking the Create New Account button. If the search form has populated fields, the create form will pick those field values.