Mapping Nested Objects and Relations

Salesforce attributes can only be mapped to Reltio relationship attributes if the Reltio relationship attribute is declared as a reference attribute of an entity.

Mapping a Reltio reference attribute to an Salesforce child object requires some procedure.

The following example illustrates how to map the Reltio HCP Address attribute to the Account child Address entity:

Table 1. Mapping Table
Option Description
Option Description
type Reltio reference attribute e.g. configuration/entityTypes/Organization/attributes/Address
root The root of expression evaluation. e.g.."*/attributes/Address/@@@@"
refentity true: is refentity for the described entity

Declaring the Reference Attribute in entityMapping

See the sample below:


List of fields to configure relations like Affiliations:

Table 2. Relations Mapping Table
Name Type Required Available Values Description
type String Yes - Type of relation
salesforceCrosswalkType String Yes - Source crosswalk type
sourceSfdcCrosswalk Jsel Yes - Destination child account ID
destSfdcCrosswalk Jsel Yes - Destination parent account ID
destSfdcObject String Yes - Destination relation table name
junction Map Yes - Contains mapping of Parent and Child.
"junction": {
    "Parent_Account_vod__c": "@@@destSfdcCrosswalk@@@",
    "Child_Account_vod__c": "@@@sourceSfdcCrosswalk@@@"

@@@destSfdcCrosswalk@@@ will be replaced with TODO

@@@sourceSfdcCrosswalk@@@ will be replaced with TODO

junctionRemove Map Yes - Destination relation Id
"junctionRemove": {
    "Id": "//crosswalks/*[@type='configuration/sources/Veeva' and not(@deleteDate)]/@value"