Type Validation

Information about how type matching is validated.

Type validation checks if the data type of the target field of Salesforce is compatible or same as the type of the source attribute in Reltio. Data synchronization happens only if the data types are compatible.

If the Salesforce and Reltio types are different or not compatible, then an error Wrong mapping {reltio_attribute_name}({reltio_type}) to {salesforce_field_name}({salesforce_type}). Types mismatch is displayed.

The following table shows if an error is returned or not for a specific Reltio and Salesforce type combination:

Reltio Type Salesforce Type Error
String string No
String textarea No
String email No
String url No
String phone No
String picklist No
String date Yes
String reference Yes
String currency Yes
String boolean Yes
String int Yes
String percent Yes
String datetime Yes
String double Yes
Number string No
Number textarea No
Number email Yes
Number url Yes
Number phone No
Number picklist Yes
Number date Yes
Number reference Yes
Number currency Yes
Number boolean Yes
Number int Yes
Number percent Yes
Number datetime Yes
Number double No
Int string No
Int textarea No
Int email Yes
Int url Yes
Int phone No
Int picklist Yes
Int date Yes
Int reference Yes
Int currency Yes
Int boolean Yes
Int int No
Int percent No
Int datetime Yes
Int double No
Date string No
Date textarea No
Date email Yes
Date url Yes
Date phone Yes
Date picklist Yes
Date date No
Date reference Yes
Date currency Yes
Date boolean Yes
Date int Yes
Date percent Yes
Date datetime Yes
Date double Yes
Timestamp string No
Timestamp textarea No
Timestamp email Yes
Timestamp url Yes
Timestamp phone Yes
Timestamp picklist Yes
Timestamp date No
Timestamp reference Yes
Timestamp currency Yes
Timestamp boolean Yes
Timestamp int Yes
Timestamp percent Yes
Timestamp datetime No
Timestamp double Yes
Boolean string No
Boolean textarea No
Boolean email Yes
Boolean url Yes
Boolean phone Yes
Boolean picklist Yes
Boolean date Yes
Boolean reference Yes
Boolean currency Yes
Boolean boolean No
Boolean int Yes
Boolean percent Yes
Boolean datetime Yes
Boolean double Yes
URL string No
URL textarea No
URL email Yes
URL url No
URL phone Yes
URL picklist Yes
URL date Yes
URL reference Yes
URL currency Yes
URL boolean Yes
URL int Yes
URL percent Yes
URL datetime Yes
URL double Yes
Image URL string No
Image URL textarea No
Image URL email Yes
Image URL url No
Image URL phone Yes
Image URL picklist Yes
Image URL date Yes
Image URL reference Yes
Image URL currency Yes
Image URL boolean Yes
Image URL int Yes
Image URL percent Yes
Image URL datetime Yes
Image URL double Yes