Synchronization Process

The synchronization of data happens between the Salesforce Connector and Reltio.

The synchronization of data between Reltio and Salesforce happens in the following pattern:

Reltio to Salesforce

  • User performs one of the following action:
    • Creates, updates, deletes or merges entities
    • Creates, updates or deletes relationships between entities
  • Platform sends the event to an external queue (AWS SQS). Each event contains the URI of the changed entity/entities and user who did the data change.
  • The connector ignores such an event or moves this event from the external queue to the connector queue to process it, if the user is service user.
  • The connector gets the entity(ies) values from Reltio
  • The entity is converted to a Salesforce Object (sobject) according to the mapping rules.
  • The Salesforce connector makes API calls to Create/Update/Delete objects in Salesforce.
  • The connector executes a callback request, if the API call is successful, and puts all data that was sent to Salesforce under the Salesforce crosswalk and the event is removed from the queue.
  • A retry mechanism is initiated if the API call to Salesforce fails.
    Note: A retry mechanism has been added so that tasks can execute successfully if a subsequent retry is successful.
    • The default retries count for all requests to Reltio is 4. The retry count can be configured in profile configuration by using the maxRetries parameter.
    • The default retry interval is one second. The retry interval can be configured in profile configuration by using the delayBetweenRetries parameter.

Salesforce to Reltio

  • Each change made to the salesforce object is recorded as an event and stored in a table. The connector runs a scheduled job every five minutes to request new events from Salesforce.
  • The event contains all data that should be synchronized to Reltio, and there is no need to request data again from Salesforce object.
  • Salesforce object data is converted to Reltio entity according to the mapping rules and posted to Reltio request under the Salesforce crosswalk.
  • The connector removes event from Salesforce if request to Reltio is a successful. Otherwise, the connector executes retry mechanism. If all attempts fail, the event is then marked as failed, in Salesforce.