Setting up Search Before Create (SBC)

Using the Search Before Create feature, you search for an account or a contact record before you create it, to avoid creating duplicate records in the system.

The search is performed against records available in Salesforce, Reltio Connected Cloud or a Data Tenant integrated with Reltio.

You can maintain mapping of fields that are used for performing search, with Reltio Connected Cloud. You can provide the fields that are taken as input to the search as well as the fields that are shown in the search results.

You can create SBC mappings in the SBC Mappings tab of Reltio Control Panel. You can only have one SBC Mapping for each Sync Mapping.

The Generate Defaults button creates SBC mapping for each object with all fields mapped for synchronization, selected for Input and Output fields. If there is already at least one SBC mapping, the button is changed to Override with Defaults. Generating default SBC mappings deletes existing mappings.

Select the salesforce object for which the Search Before Create feature needs to be used.. The objects listed here are as configured in the Sync Mappings tab.

Input fields consist of object fields used for performing the search on Salesforce or Reltio. The available fields come from the Salesforce to Reltio part of the relevant Sync Mapping.

Output fields represent the fields that are shown in the search result.. Fields that are part of the Reltio to Salesforce come up for selection.